Club History Overview

The Isles Yacht Club was founded in 1976 and accepted into the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs, FCYC, that same year. The membership fee was a $500 negotiable bond and the food minimum was $20. By January of 1979, the Club had already reached its initial goal of 400 members!
While in its initial location on West Marion Avenue, the Club went through the usual chapters of growth, improvement and changes that are common to most organizations. For example, a Facilities Improvement Program was undertaken in the early 1980’s. With voluntary donations and labor, the Club acquired two new tennis courts, new telephone and fire alarm systems plus an enlarged Chart Room and office space. During the 1998-99 Watch, the Board brought in an outside consultant to plan the Club's "future." The consultant's report expressed a need for a long-term plan to keep the Club viable and meet member interests.
The Isles Yacht Club was the first Club in the FCYC to have a female Commodore; occurring in the 1996-97 Watch.
In August 2004, Hurricane Charley inflicted severe damages on the original clubhouse. Within days of the storm, the membership erected a tent in which they continued to function and bond. After the hurricane, the membership decided to build a new main clubhouse building. In the interim, they settled themselves into a modular facility next to the "rising" new clubhouse.
November 2006 saw the opening of the beautiful clubhouse we have today. It was during this "time of change" that more slips were added to the marina, new Har-Tru tennis courts were installed, and the modular building was transformed into a well-equipped fitness center, Dockmaster's office, boaters' lounge, restrooms, additional meeting rooms, and a newly added Billiards Room.
Most recently, the Club has added a fleet of three Harbor 20 sailboats for sailing and racing, installed three Bocce courts and expanded the tennis and Billiards programs. In 2019, a multi-level interior refurbishment process was completed with additional plans for further renovations in process to bring the most opportunity for enjoyment to our growing membership.
With the spirit and sacrifice shown by the members, the Club prospers today with 900 members, plus numerous programs and activities to meet members' varied needs and interests.

Club History by Watch

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2022-2023 Rose Askew-Hergenhan Watch
2021-2022 Mark Kuharski's Watch
2020-2021 Bill Eggert's Watch
2019-2020 Bill Miller's Watch
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2017-2018 Art Armstrong's Watch
2016-2017 Steve Karba's Watch
2015-2016 Jake Dye's Watch
2014-2015 Bob Peterson's Watch
2013-2014 Jim Nuzzo's Watch
2012-2013 Fred Hannon's Watch
2011-2012 Rick Kilmer's Watch
2010-2011 Glenn Frazee's Watch
2009-2010 Dick Condon's Watch
2008-2009 Jan Thomas-Savino's Watch
2007-2008 Ray Starsman's Watch
2006-2007 Fred Dawson's Watch
2005-2006 Larry Stewart's Watch
2004-2005 George Eichman's Watch
2003-2004 John Land's Watch
2002-2003 Kurt Kuehn's Watch
2001-2002 Scott Glover's Watch
2000-2001 Walt Newton's Watch
1999-2000 Charlie Martoglio's Watch
1998-1999 Dave Thomas' Watch
1997-1998 Bill Govine's Watch
1996-1997 Audrey Dummit's Watch
1995-1996 Don Denight's Watch
1994-1995 Ralph Beardslee's Watch
1993-1994 Bob Mathison's Watch
1992-1993 Jim Yonk's Watch
1991-1992 Bill Coombs' Watch
1990-1991 Larry Kurtz's Watch
1989-1990 Donald Senges' Watch
1988-1989 Ken Higgins' Watch
1987-1988 Frank Church's Watch
1986-1987 William Kraft's Watch
1985-1986 Robert Vorhis' Watch
1984-1985 Esten Spears' Watch
1983-1984 Gaylord Smith's Watch
1982-1983 Arthur Ries' Watch
1981-1982 Harlow Duffin's Watch
1980-1981 Dick Anderson's Watch
1979-1980 Benjamin Moreland's Watch
1978-1979 Harry Hilliard's Watch
1977-1978 Richard Merriman's Watch
1976-1977 Arnold Wilson's Watch