The Lecture Series explores varied backgrounds, interests, and talents of IYC members. It also brings member's attention to actions taking place in Punta Gorda.

Upcoming Lectures:
The Homelss Students Gap Fund of Charlotte County
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
4:00 IYC Main Dining Room
Learn about the Homeless Students in Charlotte County

LOG Article
What is a “generation”? Journalists, historians and other pundits like to characterize certain age groups as constituting recognizable generations, trying to come up with appellations that they think “fit” a certain age group. We have the heralded Greatest Generation, succeeded by the Silent Generation, the famous Baby Boomer Generation, and then the Millennium Generation. All of us IYC members fit into one or the another of these generations.
I know, I know: the Greatest Generation is fast fading, and only a very few of the first wave from the 1970’s of the Millennial Generation are now beginning to knock on the IYC door.
I can virtually guarantee that none of our IYC members are part of the very recently emerging Centennial Generation, defined loosely as those born around or since the turn of the first century of the new millennium. Although we can say that we have a handful of members with children that fall into this category.
Our speaker for November 14, Dylan Hogan, is at age 15, a proud and articulate member of the Centennial age-group. We first met by chance on an eclipse day gathering at Florida Southwestern College. In our long discussion of that afternoon, I was astounded by the depth and width of his knowledge about the universe, space science and his familiarity with the vast literature in this field. He articulates very well-informed and strong views on the scientific challenges that his generation will be facing. I think you will agree, upon hearing from Dylan, that if he is in any way representative of the Centennial Generation, maybe the world will not be going to hell in a hand-basket as some of us fear!

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